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FLEXITARIANISM: much more than a diet, a lifestyle.


Flexitarianism is much more common than one might think. More than a diet, it is a lifestyle, and there are many who, for all intents and purposes, are flexitarian without even realizing it. 

The word “flexitarian” comes from the fusion between the word “flexible” and “vegetarian” and refers to a flexible diet which favors plant-based products, without entirely cutting out the consumptions of meat, however limiting it to only once or twice a week.

What are the benefits? On the one hand, health: a balanced and predominantly vegetarian diet makes it easier to lose weight and stay fit, reducing the risk of developing diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, overall helping us to live better and longer.

On the other hand, the environment: less meat consumption equals to relying less on factory farming and intensive agriculture, which exploit resources, consuming soil and water and contributing to the deforestation.

Pulses and plant-based products – like those obtained from our Newgen flours – are the main allies of those who choose (consciously or not) a flexitarian diet, because not only they are rich in protein and fibers, but they are also versatile and can be adapted to numerous healthy, nutritious and better-for-you food products.