Italy boasts a long tradition and a great deal of experience in the art of pasta making. All you need are simple yet high-performing ingredients.

Pre-gelatinized flours perform best with pasta production. These flours can be made from pulses and cereals – white and yellow corn, brown and white rice, and specialty flours including quinoa, buckwheat, and many more. All flours can be used individually or in a blend. 

We supply our partners with Nativa, HTP and HTC flours, and Functional Ingredients ideal for producing fresh or dried pasta, both traditional and gluten-free. All of our flours are perfectly suited for both extrusion and lamination.

BENEFITS: Our gluten-free ingredients can be heat-treated in order to develop a more viscous and elastic dough, which facilitates the transformation processes (e.g., shorter processing and cooking times) resulting in end products with great texture.


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